Beat Summer Sweet Treats

Beat Summer Heat With This Sweet Treat

It’s been a hot one so far. It’s not even August and the temperatures are cooking. Sometimes it feels like keeping cool is a full time project on the scorching hot days, not to mention staying hydrated. However, thinking about keeping your body cool and hydrated during the summer months as if it’s your job can actually be crucial to your health. It’s not just about how comfortable you are in the heat; there are many impacts beyond discomfort that rising temperatures have on your body.

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to manage external temperature changes, but only to a certain degree. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat, as well as extreme cold, can overwork the hypothalamus (a tiny gland in your brain that regulates body temperature), leading to an internal temperature imbalance that your body really does not appreciate.
Your body has a fine tuned mechanism for temperature regulation for a good reason: it doesn’t like to be any cooler or warmer than it’s standard 98.6 degreees. When your hypothalamus is overworked and no longer able to maintain a balanced temperature, feelings of stress, nausea, muscle spasms, tension and confusion can arise. You get “sun sick,” as my mother called it after long days at the lake under the summer sun.
In addition to your internal temperature maintenance, hydration is the next big factor to think about in the heat. Heat, often accompanied by drier air and more sweating on your part quickly dehydrates the body. Especially if you’re exerting yourself in any way, regularly hydrating yourself can help prevent overheating as well as other sun sick symptoms.
When you think about hydration, it’s helpful to look at the bigger picture of how it impacts your entire body, rather than just quenching your thirst. Everything from the your tissues and joints, which use water as a protective cushioning and lubricating agent, to your metabolism and digestive system, need to be adequately hydrated to properly function. Even before you feel thirsty, many of the functions of you body can be compromised by a lack of hydration.

To complicate the whole situation, it’s also important to understand that plain water often does not do the trick. Learn more on why this is the case and how you can better equip your water to hydrate you here in my previous post on hydration.
Staying hydrated and helping maintaining your normal internal temperature go hand in hand and can have remarkable effects on the way you feel all summer long. A clearer head, a more energetic mind and body, stronger muscles, improved metabolism, efficient detoxification, clearer skin and better immune function can all be achieved when you take care of your body and stay hydrated in the heat.
Here’s a recipe that tackles both the cooling and the hydrating needs at once, and is quick and easy to put together on a hot summer day. Kids and adults alike will love this refreshing cooler that we’ve packed with hydrating foods like watermelon and organic coconut water, seasonal sweets like fresh, juicy peaches and refreshing zesty citrus. Plus, it’s freezable so you can throw any extra in small cups, pop in a popsicle stick and have homemade popsicles in just a few hours!
Beat the Heat Summer Cooler and Popsicle Mix
(Serves 4, or makes 6-8 popsicles)
▪ 3 cups fresh watermelon chunks
▪ 1 large fresh peach, pit removed and sliced
▪ 1 large banana, sliced
▪ 4 Tbsp Purity Organic Coconut Water Powder dissolved in 2 cups water
▪ Juice of 1-2 limes, depending on your taste preferences
▪ 1 cup ice cubes
Place all ingredients in a standing blender and puree until smooth. Enjoy immediately or freeze in popsicle molds for a refreshing icy treat!

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