Get Healthy Challenge Results – Time to Vote!

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The Get Healthy Challenge is over! We’ve opened up the voting below, so don’t forget that your vote enters you to win a set of Skinny Bitch books! (Scroll down to the very bottom of this page to vote!)

Here’s how the rest of our contestants did on their Get Healthy Challenges:


There’s nothing like a new goal to keep me motivated. Bring it on!”

This was my first real cleanse and it totally rocked my world! I have done the lemonade diet (where you only drink water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper- tastes as gross as it sounds) and I did lose a bunch of weight but… I felt like crap, was starving and cranky, and I gained every pound back within days.

I have to say that the Kaeng Raeng cleanse was awesome! I was skeptical at first, but I was pleasantly surprised. I drank mine as smoothies and each one was delicious and filling. I had a headache the first two days but it was more annoying than painful. (I’d like to think this was the detox part, getting rid of all the bad mojo). By the third day I felt invincible and felt ready to go for 3 more days. I will definitely be doing it again and will go for the 6 day cleanse next time.

In my I-can-do-anything mood, I made a list of resolutions including a vegan diet, exercise 3-4 times a week, stop smoking, stop biting my nails, and take prenatal vitamins. (I’m preparing my “dome” for a vegan pregnancy). So far so good! I’ve been kicking ass with my vegan diet, making all kinds of amazing meals, and I have found my inner fitness fanatic. She was gone for a bit but she’s back with a vengeance! To keep me on track, I set up a schedule that includes interval sprints on the treadmill on Mondays, stadium running on Wednesdays, weight lifting on Thursdays, and 5K Saturdays. This makes me sound a little crazy but it doesn’t always work out like this. I’ve come to realize that if I have a set schedule I am more likely to stick with it.

By staying active and cooking my own meals I really have not had many cravings. (Except for today – someone brought homemade carrot cake to the office…but I resisted and I am already thinking of vegan ways to make it myself ). As for the rest of the resolutions, I kicked smoking (so gross) and have been taking the prenatal vitamins religiously (which is good since I hate taking pills). I kind of stopped biting my nails (old habits die hard). I really wanted to have a pretty manicure picture to post by now but they’re just not ready yet. The beauty of this challenge to me is that this is just the beginning! The cleanse has really jump started me into a healthy lifestyle that I can stick to.

I am so grateful to have been chosen for this challenge! Not only did I lose 5 pounds (only 5 more to go) but I think I am ready for the challenge of a vegan pregnancy. I really wanted to get in the right state of mind (and physical condition) before bringing a child into the world. There’s nothing like a new goal to keep me motivated. Bring it on!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha


“As long you keep moving forward, towards a positive end, you will succeed.”

When I first began this challenge, my goals were:

1. Lose 5 pounds

2. Run 21 miles

3. Eat entirely vegan

As with most New Year’s Resolutions, I “failed” them all. I don’t know how much weight I lost. I didn’t run. I ate meat.

But, I made progress. I listened to my body, revisited my thoughts, and as a result, re-evaluated my goals. And although I’m far from where I intended to be, I’m still “better” than I was. I realized that I shouldn’t, and couldn’t, just jump right into running. And that really, the best thing for my body (and my mind) was to turn my focus inward.

So, I joined a yoga studio. I made a commitment to practice at least three times a week. Some weeks I went twice; other weeks I met, and exceeded, my goal with three to four practices a week. Each time, I walked out of the studio feeling refreshed and rejuvenated—not to mention more flexible, more prepared to tackle what is, still, my long-term goal: to run. In May, I’m running my second half-marathon. The first time, I didn’t train. This time, I intend to train, and train well. And so, my yoga practice is kind of a “training for a training.” I’m getting my body ready for the miles of pavement I’m going to be running. I’m warming up.

If anything, this 21-day challenge taught me that good health is so much more important than a 21-day stint. It’s more than a number on a scale. It’s more than you “succeeded” or “failed.” As a good friend used to say, it’s a lifestyle. It’s getting out there—it’s chasing your dreams, it’s hiking to the top of a mountain, committing to learning Crow’s Pose, improving your PR on your next race, or trying a new recipe. It’s doing what you love, what’s good for you, what makes your heart dance.

So now, for the next 21 days and beyond, I commit to me. To doing what, at any given time, feels best for me. For my body. Whether that’s cheese or no cheese, run or don’t run, down dog or don’t, my body’s wants and needs are going to change every day. What’s important is  listening to those changes, those needs, those desires. So now, I challenge you: set a goal, and go for it. Maybe your path will change, maybe it won’t. But as long you keep moving forward, towards a positive end, you will succeed. Every day. In every way.

291705_269589996399217_500481777_nCLAUDIA MARQUEZ

“We are all winners!” 

The beginning of the year I was given the opportunity to better myself in healthy ways. I was presented this opportunity by the amazing people at Kaeng Raeng and Healthy Bitch Daily.  I was supported by a few others who were in on the challenge as well.  It was with them that I lost 3″ off my waist, and 10 lbs. I signed up for two runs in the near future–the Hit and Run 5k on Feb 22nd, and the Color Run for May 10th. In addition, I joined Yoga, am playing arena soccer, and am doing CrossFit. Since starting the Challenge, I’ve noticed the increase in energy, and the increase in mood.

I am excited and optimistic about the future, especially with my now one year old getting ready to run. I am grateful to the people at Healthy Bitch Daily and Kaeng Raeng for helping me become a healthier, happier person. I would like to extend my thanks for the ladies who took the challenge alongside me. We are all winners. You are all beautiful, amazing, strong, and fierce! Good job, and GO US!!   


“I found myself not only enjoying the exercise, but looking forward to it”

It had been a long time since I had done right by my body. Being accepted into the Get Healthy Challenge was going to be just that- a huge challenge for me. However, for the first time in my 33 years of life, I felt ready for it.

First, I had to figure out what I was hoping to accomplish: to lose 12 pounds, to work out 6 days a week, to be a healthier role model for my daughter and to be able to view myself in a more positive light.

After submitting my goals, I re-looked at them and realized the importance of the last two. I knew that these were the goals that I truly needed to focus on. My inner dialogue was foul. I was saying things to myself and that I would never allow another person to say to someone. This had to change. I needed to end the abuse that I was inflicting upon my heart, my mind, my soul and my body.

Step one: DETOX. I was so excited the day my Kaeng Raeng detox arrived in the mail!! I practically had to sit on my hands in order to not begin it straight away. January 1st finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to get going! I enjoyed all three flavors of the detox. I experimented with adding juice and other raw fruits to them and once they were gone…I found that I missed them. The detox went a lot better for me than I initially thought that it would. The fact that I was able to enjoy raw fruits and vegetables to fulfill my need/desire to chew was a wonderful perk. I never really found myself feeling anything less than satisfied. At the end of the three days, I felt fantastic. I felt lighter, healthier, and definitely less bloated. I felt accomplished and knew that if I could do the first three days, I could do it all. I was ready!

There was a moment where I began to think that I may not make it through until the end. The polar vortex was awful in Toledo, Ohio. It was literally subzero for days upon days. I was stuck inside as we were not allowed to even drive in the city unless we worked in specific jobs. I was faced with doubt…so I tweeted about it. Kaeng Raeng was right there to pick me up and keep me standing.

The rest of the challenge was wonderful. I found myself not only enjoying the exercise, but looking forward to it. I also began a 30 day plank challenge and kept moving.

I found wonderful support from friends and family…but none as strong as the support that I received from the other contestants of the Get Healthy Challenge. They are all beautiful, strong, vibrant women that I looked to for inspiration (and will most likely continue to look to in the future).

Did I lose 12 pounds? No…but I lost 9! Did I exercise 6 days a week? No…but I exercised more than I ever have. Most importantly did I feel like I was able to see myself in a more positive light and was being a healthier role model for my daughter? Heck yes! I feel amazing. I have so much more confidence in myself and have really been taking care of my mind, soul, heart and body. This 21 day challenge has morphed into a lifetime change for me and I am so sincerely happy that I was able to participate in it!


“Kaeng Raeng turns my shame spiral upside down”

Kaeng Raeng detoxed my body—which empowered me to begin the long-overdue task of detoxing my life.


I’d established some gross habits a while back, after an injury kept me from the gym for well over a year. I felt terrible, and I ate and drank more to try to mask it. Over the past year, even after ditching the crutch I’d been hobbling around on, I’d go to the gym maybe once a month in hopes I could re-establish my gym routine. But instead, I’d continue plopping down in front of the TV with a bottle of wine, promising myself that I’d really get serious about changing tomorrow.

I always had excuses: Tough day at work; Ravens game; weekend; why not. So I’d eat fried, oily, high-calorie foods, and too much of them. Discovering that a vegan diet can be decadent is kind of thrilling: Look—fries smothered in “cheese”! Hot fudge sundaes! Fried “chicken”! Doughnuts!

Not surprisingly, I gained weight.  The Daily Plate tracked and announced my humiliating failures.


I entered this challenge skeptical of my ability to stick with the cleanse—but it was easy and I was never hungry. This success instilled me with confidence and willpower, and I was not about to ruin the investment Kaeng Raeng helped me make in myself. So I spent the rest of the challenge establishing healthy habits to carry forward. Most days, I had a healthy shake for breakfast, a huge salad for lunch, a dinner centered around whole foods, and tea for my nightly wind-down. Most days, I exercised—T25 at home or classes at the gym. I’m beginning to feel that old urge to do Body Pump.

I allowed myself a “cheat night” at a comedy club. I felt like poo the next day—my body was no longer used to junk food and Old Fashioneds. But I didn’t kick myself. The occasional splurge is part of my long-term plan. I’d be crazy to swear off pizza forever.


Over the course of the challenge, I lost six pounds—a healthy rate of two pounds per week. I have weeks months to go, but I’ve tasted success (better than fries, honestly) and gained momentum in the right direction.

While I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained greater clarity and presence of mind, which enabled me to do things I’d been putting off: Declutter my house; paint over that awful powder blue wall. I’m en route to positively representing veganism (extra weight and shame don’t make a very good ad).  I’ve put down Chinese delivery menus and picked up my cookbooks with yummy and healthy recipes (it’s possible!): Skinny Bitch in the Kitch, Skinny Bitch: Ultimate Everyday Cookbook, The Inspired Vegan, and Appetite for Reduction, to name a few.  I feel great—younger than my 44 years.

And I owe this life change to the Kaeng Raeng and Healthy Bitch Get Healthy Challenge. Thank you, from the bottom of my healthier heart.


“Here’s How I Kicked The Get Healthy Challenge’s Ass”!

My main goal for this challenge was to start feeling better on the inside. I am lactose intolerant yet I was eating pizza like it was its own food group. This seemed like the perfect time to try veganism. I also wanted to stick with a regular fitness regimen. I chose Bari because it had the most variety in classes and I knew I wouldn’t get bored, plus it was the hardest workout I had ever done. Another goal of mine was to encourage others to adapt the Skinny Bitch lifestyle because I find it easier to do something challenging when you have others turning to you for inspiration. It’s also nice to have family and friends supporting you-both to enjoy and commiserate with you on the experiences.

This challenge presented an opportunity to experiment more in the kitchen and try out all the great vegan restaurants in NYC. I had many supportive friends who wanted to join me for a veggie filled meal or stay in and cook. However, it wasn’t always easy. Sometimes it was difficult to find something vegan to eat at a restaurant and I would be stuck with yet another salad or when I would be disappointed about the outcome of a vegan dish. Vegan meatloaf is not good. It just isn’t. The hardest was when people at work would order pizza for lunch and I would start to salivate. I would mentally tell myself “dairy is not your friend”.

The NYC winter weather made the 25 minute trek to the studio less than appealing. I knew I was going to have such a good workout though and the instructors and other members were going to show up so I felt motivated. Instead of dinner or happy hour, I would invite also my friends to take a class with me. The classes were very challenging- dance cardio is no joke. Bouncing on a trampoline is super fun, but it’s not easy. Don’t even get me started on the toning classes. But with each class, I was feeling stronger and more accomplished. I wanted more. My vegan diet worked in the same way; as the days went on, the more accustomed and energized I felt by it. I also realized how much I loved to cook.

Before I knew it, I had hit 21 days of vegan eating! If you had asked me a few months ago if I could do this, I would have definitely said no. But this made me realize how much better my body feels when I’m not putting shit into it. I haven’t had a stomachache in three weeks and I have so much more energy. On the fitness front, in just three weeks, I worked out 15 times, lost 5 pounds and toned up all over.

This challenge has encouraged me to push myself harder and think before I shovel in food. Just because something looks good, doesn’t mean I’m going to feel good. Just because I had a tough workout yesterday, doesn’t mean I can’t have one today. In the wise words of Britney Jean, if you want a hot body (and anything for that matter), you better work bitch. The 21 days may be over, but I have no intention of stopping this health journey. Thanks Healthy Bitch Daily and Kaeng Rang for motivating me to make a lifestyle change. Here’s to 2014: my best year yet.

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